10 May 2020

10th of May

Farm status
CPU only
The Ryzen 3900X is running Rosetta work

Intel GPUs
All running Rosetta work

Nvidia GPUs

Raspberry Pis
Two running Rosetta work. Six running Einstein BRP4 work.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Other news
Most of last fortnight was taken up with the Ryzen 3900X build, getting it going and doing a burn-in on different projects.

I spent a little time on the proxy server. I put a spare 10GbE network adapter into it which didn't make any noticeable difference. The hardware side was simple, however changing the bonding to adaptive failover took most of my time. There are examples on the internet and most of them don't work any more. Rosetta changed their project comms to HTTPS so that means we cannot cache downloads for them. In the end I went back to the dual 1GbE network adapter that I have used for the last year and bonded the ports.

2.5GbE networking
I did a bit of research into 2.5GbE network adapters. There are a few (mostly based upon Realtek chips). Intel has an i225 chip but it has a bug where the inter-packet gap is incorrect and it requires a respin of the silicon to fix. Aquanta also had one but seem to sell it for more than the 10GbE network adapters.

None of the computer stores are selling them in Australia. There are USB 3 to 2.5GbE external adapters available. I found one PCIe card on Amazon coming from the US. It was 87 AUD. There was confusion over its warranty with Amazon stating it had an "International warranty". Of the 10 reviews two people complained their card failed after 3 months.

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