10 May 2020

Ryzen 3900X build

In my previous post I mentioned the Ryzen 3900X build that I was going to do. All the parts arrived and I put it all together. I had a couple of issue.

The first issue was with the thermal paste squirting over the side of the CPU which I cleaned up as best I could.

The second turned out to be the additional power connectors on the motherboard. I had plugged both of the aux 12 volt power connectors and it refused to POST. The fans wouldn't even spin up. I thought that maybe the thermal paste had shorted something out. Apparently Noctua thermal paste is non-electrically conductive. After checking one of my other Ryzen builds I unplugged the 2nd aux 12 volt power connector and that got it going.

Rather than taking pictures of the computer I thought I would share the BOINCtasks view of it running 23 Rosetta tasks. I've left one thread free for the operating system/other programs.

And how top sees the same workload.

I wanted to get a 64GB memory kit (2 x 32GB) for it and then that will allow me to put the existing memory into the Ryzen 3600's which is what it was intended for. Unfortunately the supplier selling the 64GB memory kit doesn't have any stock. Its G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3200 memory which I haven't used before.

Another upgrade I would have liked to do was a 2.5GbE network adapter but none of the computer places seem to sell them in Australia. I could get 10GbE but they cost 180 AUD. In the mean time I will just put a spare 1GbE adapter in it and bond the ports together.

I might build another one of these because the price on the Ryzen 3900X has dropped again, in fact all of the Ryzen 3000 series seem to be on sale at the moment. They might be clearing stocks before the Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs come out.

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