15 February 2009

4 million credits

This week has been fairly productive now that the weather has cooled down. I hit a couple of milestones. I gave BOINC 6.6.5 a test run earlier in the week. At the end of the week 6.6.7 came out so I gave that a test too.

I have a quote for an i7 motherboard/cpu/ram to replace the KFSN4. I have asked for a cheaper (AMD Phenom II) machine to be quoted on. I should make a decision on this once I get the 2nd quote. The idea is this machine will probably also have a couple of nVidia cards installed, possibly GTX260+ ones.

I am still waiting on the remaining 9800GT cards to arrive. I recall talking to the computer shop at the beginning of February. The conversion went something like this:

Shop: Your 9800GT cards should be arriving on the 9th
Me: Which month?
Shop: February
Me: Which year?

I hit 100,000 credits for GPUgrid, which isn't too bad considering I only have one machine with an nVidia 9800GT. The project certificate is below.

And here is the BOINCstats image for the 4 million credits across all projects: