01 February 2009

Not much movement

Not much progress this week, again due to the weather. Its been around 30 degrees each day so the machines have been off during the day. Thank goodness I don't live in Melbourne where its its been in the 40's most of the week!

I have drained the cache on pretty much all of the machines as I can't crunch for more than about 8 hours a day, especially GPUgrid which takes 12 hours a work unit and they have 4 day deadlines.

Seti still seems to be having issues with their multi-beam cuda application but changes are in the works for it. Its still not reliable enough yet. Still no sign of the graphics cards yet, which is a good thing given the heat.

Highlights of the week:
  • BOINC 6.6.3 released. It has some issues with long term debt owed to projects. As a result it wasn't fetching work until it ran out and wasn't maintaining its cache. I had it installed on 3 of the machines. I have gone back to the trusty old 6.2.19.
  • GPUgrid also released their updated science application which uses much less cpu time. It appears to be working fine with run times being slightly longer than before, although this could be attributed to variations in the work units.

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