23 February 2009

The next milestone is hitting 3 million credits for Seti. It should take 20 days to do 200k credits. I have no idea how long it will really take as Seti are having bandwidth issues. I have been unable to upload completed tasks for the past couple of days. These things always seem to occur on weekends when there isn't anyone around to fix whatever the problem may be. Also the weather has turned warmer again so I have had to switch machines off.

Highlights of this week
  • Testing BOINC 6.6.10 on two machines
  • Ordered (and received) 2 GTX260+ graphics cards for the KFSN4 replacement
  • Updated optimized Astropulse app released, so installed it on 4 out of 5 machines
I have ordered the i7 machine. This will use the power supply, hard disk and case that the ill-fated KFSN4 was in. The graphics cards mentioned above are also going into it.

I have cancelled the order for the three 9800GT graphics cards seeing as they don't want to arrive. I have ordered (via another supplier) a single 9800GT card to go into Luke.

Seeing as the GTX212 cards are due to be released in 3 months I won't buy any more graphics cards at this point. Once the GTX212 is available I will probably replace the two 9800GT cards as well as upgrading the other quad-core machines with one each.

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