10 October 2010

10th of October

Nothing reached this week, although I did pass 28 million for GPUgrid.

Project news - Climate Prediction
Well like all the other projects it seems its their turn to run out of disk space. They have managed to fix their initial space problem and got uploads going. I've completed a few Famous climate models but can't report them until they fully resolve the issue.

Project news - Orbit
They have work but some issue with the scheduler has prevented us getting it. Unfortunately Pasquale was out of town for a presentation of the results and wasn't able to fix it remotely.

Project news - Seti
Seems another of their servers is playing up, possibly caused by their air conditioner failure 3 weeks ago. One of the regular volunteers, msattler, started another fund raising drive. We are hoping the money from this one and the previous one will be more than enough to get two servers instead of one.

Meanwhile Seti came up on Saturday (Sydney time) and the downloads have been maxed out for the entire weekend. Getting work is almost impossible at the moment. I managed to report last weeks work and got a few work units but have finished them all off.

BOINC testing
On Friday Kirk started doing crash dumps when running GPUgrid work. I reinstalled the video driver (which hadn't changed in 2 months) and that seemed to get it going. On Saturday Sulu started doing the same. I'm not too sure if its the new work units from GPUgrid (TONI_KKi4) or a bug with BOINC or Windows.

While poking around I noticed that Control panel was telling me I had an old version of BOINC installed from August. It would appear that it shows the version installed as an administrator and not the version installed as a standard user (which asks for an admin account/password). So I gave it admin rights, uninstalled and reinstalled. That gets Windows thinking it was running the right version.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled the video drivers as they too appeared to be an old version. Control panel was once again showing an old version and Windows update keeps offering me an updated video driver, but i'm already running the latest release version from nVidia.

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