16 October 2010

16th of October

Not really a milestone but I passed 45 million for all projects.

Maul in the shop
Yep, he's back in the shop. This time for a CPU upgrade. Going from a Core i7-920 to a i7-950. I'd really like a 970 but they are around $1300.00 (AUD) just for the chip. I'll pick it up next weekend barring any problems.

BOINC testing
We're up to 6.12.2 this morning. I have it installed on 1 machine at the moment and it seems fine so far.

I have been running 6.11.9 for a while on all the machines with some strange behaviour when running GPUgrid TONI_KKi4 tasks. As these are new tasks I think its just the tasks causing the problems and not BOINC. Others are also having problems with these tasks.

Seti donation
Last week they were running a donation drive as it appeared they might need to replace a 2nd server. I made a donation then. However someone else came along with a higher amount early this week. Not to be outdone I decided to match it. Anyway it looks like they have the extra funds if they need them.

The server survived the onslaught with the network maxxed out all week until it was time for this weeks outage. Its back up at the moment and as usual the network it maxxed out again and its hard getting the work. Its allocated to the machine, but because of the overloaded network it simply cannot download.

We've had a warm week so most of the machines have been off. Yesterday it cooled down so everything got fired up (yes, even Maul) and they are crunching away with the cache set small in case the warmer weather returns.

Windows updates
Microsoft have been busy plugging security holes. 49Mb per Win7 machine of updates. I've been trying to stagger these so as to not blow my internet download limit and not max-out my network connection.

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