03 October 2010

3rd of October

None this week.

BOINC testing
Another couple of releases this week for testing. Current version is 6.11.9 now. I've got it installed on a few machines.

Project news - Einstein
They had a couple of glitches during the week but fixed them quickly. They have a problem with recent ABP work units not validating which they are working on. They aren't sure yet if they will have to redo the work or not.

Project news - GPUgrid
Their turn this week to run out of space on the upload server. They fixed it fairly quickly and we're back in business.

Project news - Orbit
We are just finishing off this weeks run. No new tasks available except resends. All machines except Maul have finished off their work. They are going to take a break for a week as they have a presentation of their results next week.

Project news - Seti
Seti spent all of last week off the air. They are now back online and i've managed to upload and report all my work from 2 weeks ago (along with the other 1 million or so participants). I've managed to get some work out of it since then as well.

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