24 October 2010

24th of October

Nothing reached this week

BOINC testing
We're up to 6.12.4 this week. It fixed a couple of things and introduced another annoying problem. It doesn't look like its ready for release yet, but not too far off it.

Maul returns
As mentioned last week Maul went back to the shop for a CPU upgrade. Its now back and crunching away.

Project news - Climate Prediction
They have space problems. They filled up one of their servers. They have ordered an additional storage system which is due to be installed this coming week.

They also have a bunch of new models being run as a continuation of one of their earlier experiments.

Project news - Seti
Well their BOINC database server was pronounced dead. Another one has been ordered. As a temporary measure they have turned what was the replica database machine into the primary. Hopefully the new server will arrive quickly and things can get back to normal.

With the rearrangements they aren't creating work (although there was some ready to send anyway) and they have placed restrictions on how much work one can get, Network connections are suprisingly quick as they backoff off for 5 minues after each scheduler request.

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