11 July 2009

10 million credits

Apparently I hit 10 million credits for all projects some time yesterday. I only noticed this morning, so I grabbed a copy of my BOINCstats image.

Seti bandwidth issues
Seti has been having continual bandwidth issues for the last 2 weeks. Its made worse by the fact they have a scheduled outage every Tuesday to perform database maintenance. After the scheduled outage the whole world tries to connect to it, so it hits the proverbial brick wall of 100Mbit. It has been taking most of the week to clear the backlog and get back to normal, just in time for the next outage.

GTX275 update
I did try and install the GTX275 into Qui-Gon during the week but had a problem. The card just fits (there is about 1cm from the end of the card to the drive bays at the front of the computer). Unfortunately there are a whole bunch of connectors on the edge of the motherboard that it seems to sit on top of. It looks like it might have to wait until another machine comes along before I can use it.

KVM and case fans
The 25 foot KVM cable arrived during the week. I have now plugged in Maul to the new KVM even though its around the other side of the room. Suprisingly I can now use a PS/2 mouse, which the old KVM seemed unable to do.

I also picked up a bunch of Noctua 92mm case fans. I have 5 quaddies at the moment and only 3 of them have case fans. I'll be installing one this weekend for the machine that has a GTS250.

While I was in the computer shop I was told that there are some price cuts coming from Intel, so they will try and reprice my quote for 4 x i7 machines.

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