25 July 2009

Yoda on the chopping block

A few changes are happening over the next couple of weeks.

Quaddies for sale
Yoda is for sale on eBay. I need the room (and money).

i7's ordered
I have ordered 4 x i7 machines to replace all the quaddies. They are ASUS P6T's. In the mean time I have dropped off the 700w power supply and the GTX275 to be installed in the 1st one. If its reasonably quick i'll go with the same graphics card in all of them.

Cuda 2.3 released
Nvidia has released cuda 2.3 along with an updated driver during the week. Initial indications are that its about 30% faster than cuda 2.2.

I have upgraded 3 of the machines so far. The other two have to finish off their cuda work before I can upgrade them. Meanwhile GPUgrid are updating their app to use cuda 2.2 next week. Hopefully it won't take them too long to get to 2.3.

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