04 July 2009


The guys over at lunatics http://lunatics.kwsn.net/ have developed a program that allows rebranding of the Seti cuda VLAR and VHAR (Very Low Angle Range and Very High Angle Range) work units from GPU to CPU. Its called ReSchedule.

This is really good because the VLAR and VHAR work units take forever to run on cuda, but run as normal on the CPU. I've installed it on all my cuda machines after 1st testing it on one machine.

Other news
I have Qui-Gon running out its cache of cuda work. I will put the 700w power supply and the GTX275 in there. That will free up a 500w power supply and GTS250 for Yoda. I haven't upgraded Yoda as its still having issues with cpu cooling. I need to get ACER out to look at it. If I don't upgrade Yoda then I haven't voided my 3 year warranty.

I am still waiting on the 25 foot KVM cable for the Belkin to arrive, but its not urgent as I have an old screen and keyboard/mouse on Maul at the moment.

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