18 July 2009

Not a great deal happening this week. I've installed the case fan in Anakin. I still need to get Yoda looked at by ACER as its cpu fan is making a fair bit of noise.

Seti upload woes
Seti continues to have upload problems, but there have been a couple of suggestions made about resolving it without them having to run a 1Gbit fibre optic cable up the hill. They have a 1Gbit link which stops at the bottom of the hill, however they are at the top and only have a 100Mbit link from the bottom of the hill to the top where the Space Sciences Lab is located. There are also some software tweaks being applied on the BOINC client end to do with retries.

Einstein download throttling?
On the subject of file transfers I have noticed that Einstein@home seems to be downloading at 10Kbps (on average) when it used to be in the order of 50-100. Uploads however are quite quick, around 30Kbps. I did post a message in one of their forums but have received no answer. I suspect that they are throttling connection speed so their server doesn't fail again.

Astropulse 5.05 released
The optimised AP 5.05 app has been released for Seti@home. I installed that during the week on all the machines and updated my app_info files. Since then I have only seen a couple of Astropulse work units. Seti is mainly producing Multi-Beam work units at the moment, which is one of the reasons why they are having upload issues. Multi-beam work units don't take as long to process as Astropulse and are smaller. I'll post my app_info and instructions soon.

ReSchedule 1.9 released
The Reschedule program was updated to 1.9 during the week. It now leaves the VHAR (very high angle range) work units on the gpu instead of shifting them. The VLAR (very low angle range) work units are the ones that cause the Seti cuda app to take much longer to process. I ran around and installed it on all the machines with gpus.

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