20 July 2009

Weekend dramas

A couple of dramas this weekend.

Trashing cuda work
I upgraded the "stock" Seti cuda app to the optimised one and stuffed up the app_info. That resulted in all my Seti cuda work being deleted. To top things off I couldn't get any new cuda work units until much later due to the Seti servers being overloaded. It took me a short while to fix the app_info problem, but much longer to get any work unit to prove it worked. Once I had it working I upgraded the remaining machines with the new app and app_info files.

Network down
After the cuda app upgrade I decided to relocate the router and the 8 port switch. So I unplugged the switch, moved it to its new location and plugged it all in. No problem the machines only use the network during my ISP's off-peak times (1am to 7am).

When I checked the following day all the machines were complaining about no network connection. After checking a few things it seems the network cable had come out the back of the file server. I swapped the cable for another one and the network came back to life. After that I manually had to allow the machines to get work as they had all run out of work.

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