01 April 2010

Fermi released

The offical launch of the Fermi-based cards was last week. I have been checking pricing on the GTX470, which seems to be as low as $500 AUD. Still about $100 more than it should be, and nobody has any stock until April the 12th at least! Its too expensive for me, so I will wait a bit in the hope the price will drop further.

Project news: GPUgrid
It seems a reviewer has been trying a GTX480 over at GPUgrid. The project has 2 science apps, one worked, one didn't. The developers over there been updating their apps to support the Fermi-based cards., which includes upgrading to the newer cuda 3 libraries.

They are also seeking a card (or cards) to be donated. The developers posted the reply from nvidia. It seems nvidia weren't interested unless GPUgrid had recently purchased a Tesla, which of course they hadn't.

Other news
Not much to report this week. The weather cooled down a bit so I have managed to get Kirk and Sulu running all day for the last couple of days. They both have a single GTX295 so they can do a fair bit of cuda work.

BOINC also had a minor issue with the newer Fermi-based cards as it wasn't correctly reporting some card details at start up. Its just a cosmetic bug which they have already corrected.

Maul loses capacitor
The shop told me Maul should be fixed by the end of the month. It still hasn't come back. Apparently when they shipped the motherboard back to the distributor a capacitor had come off. It was working properly, apart from the 4Gb memory limit, when I returned it to the shop.

Unfortunately all the work on Maul will have timed out by now. It was completed but not reported due to problems with the Seti servers at the beginning of March.

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