09 April 2010

GPUgrid zooms past

This week GPUgrid cracked 9 million credits. It also passed my Seti credits (last week they hit 9 million). I've been crunching Seti since February 2008 and GPUgrid since December 2008.

BOINC versions
This week saw 6.10.43 pronounced the "release" version for Windows and Linux and 6.10.44 for the Mac. Following on from that 6.10.45 came out with a few minor fixes that just missed the 43 version. I've got 43 on two machines and 45 on another, the rest are switched off. Both versions are working fine.

He's still off getting fixed. Its only been 6 weeks so far. Apparently ASUS fixed it once, something to do with the BIOS (even though it had been updated a couple of times). As mentioned in my 1st of April post it was damaged in transit and has gone back to be fixed yet again.

GT240 cards
I was looking to get 2 or 3 of these to replace the aging GTX260's that were in Maul. Apparently the GDDR5 ones are about 2/3rds the speed of a GTX260, which is pretty good considering they have have less than half the number of shaders (now known as cuda cores) of a 260. They also use a lot less power and are single slot cards (well the evga ones are). The shop are supposedly finding out more details (like pricing and availability) for me.

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