21 April 2010

A quiet week

A fairly quiet week production-wise. I've been leaving one machine on during the day and the rest off. In the evenings I usually fire up a 2nd one, which operates until its time to head off for work.

They released a new science app 6.72 which is meant to be faster. However the 3 work units that I got so far were the long variety that take 10+ hours, so its a bit hard to tell.

Maul ready to come home
Maul (its an ASUS P6T) has been off at the shop since February. Its motherboard has been back to ASUS twice. Anyway its come back. Funny thing though, the shop rang me to tell me Win 7 isn't working. I asked why as it was working when I dropped the machine off. They couldn't explain why.

Its had 2 old GTX260 cards removed and 3 GT240 cards installed. The CPU fan has been replaced by a Noctua and the old CPU fan is now blowing air out of the top of the case. The memory should be 6Gb this time.

Nvidia GTX470 and GTX480
It seems very few of the science apps will work with them. A couple of projects have managed to get them to work. There is a alpha-test Seti multibeam app that runs. The GPUgrid apps all fail, but a member has donated a 470 and a 480 to them so they can work out why their science app doesn't work.

There also seems to be some confusion with drivers. The latest 197.45 (WHQL) driver doesn't support them, but there is a 197.41 that does. No doubt nvidia will sort things out in due course, but I am not wasting the money on one at the moment.

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