05 April 2010

Seti passes 9 million

Despite concentrating on GPUgrid for most of the long weekend I managed to reach the 9 million milestone for Seti. Things have been returned to normal (ie no more manual intervention).

As mentioned above I was concentrating on GPUgrid for most of the long weekend. The guys there have been trying to test some new applications that are a bit faster than the current one. They also tried a cuda 3 version to support the newer Fermi-based cards. Unfortunately the cuda 3 apps crashed straight away, so they have gone back to using the cuda 2.2 and cuda 2.3 versions.

Qui-Gon playing up
This is a quad-core machine with a GTS250 card in it. It was working most of last week without any problems. On Friday it decided it wasn't going to work any more and had a constant beep from its speaker and not even a BIOS screen. It did this a fortnight ago when I cleaned it out. I left it off for 2 days. Its now back up and running. I don't know why it does this. The CPU temperature seems to be around 43 degrees according to the BIOS readings.

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