20 July 2008

New addition (part 1)

I added another quad core machine to the farm. Its the same as the others. It will replace an old P4 (when the P4 finishes off its current work).

This latest addition brings the farm up to 4 quad-core machines. They are all Intel core 2 quad Q6600's running at 2.4Ghz with 2Gb of RAM.

The new machine is on the bottom at the front and is called Luke Skywalker (in keeping with the tradition of naming them after Jedi knights).

New addition (part 2)

Here is a closer look at the new addition and the rearranged stack.

Einstein at home is coming to a close with its current run (S5R3) so I will cease doing Einstein work in a weeks time, until S5R4 starts up. When it changes a new science application will be required.

12 July 2008

Orbit wu

Our friends over at Orbit have been experimenting with work unit sizes recently. The latest batch have been taking my quaddies around 300+ hours at a time. Ahh the joys of joining a beta-test project.

If you have seen the movie Deep Impact or similar, even if you discount the hollywood dramatics, you'll realise what a mess a big rock can cause if it crashes into the earth. Anything that can help search for them has to be a worthy cause.

My home-build computer is dead as a dodo, so there is a bit of a delay in getting pictures of it up. I started a seperate blog for it here: http://kfsn4.blogspot.com/