13 August 2023

13th of August

Suffering from "bill shock" as they call it. My last electricity bill was over $800 for the quarter, so I haven't had the farm running apart from the Raspberry Pi's. See Marks Rpi Cluster for details on it.

I have even taken to unplugging the 2.5G network switches to try and reduce power consumption, although I don't think they use much power, its the Ryzen 5900X and the GPU machines that consume the most. The Chia storage servers also contribute to my electricity use although I haven't plugged a meter in to see how much they actually use. The power board is under a wire rack that they are sitting on so its difficult to get to.

I received the parts for the Ryzen 7900 builds but haven't got to them yet. They are slated to replace the 5900X machines. The good news is the Ryzen 7900 uses less power than the 5900X. Also I don't need to use (or power) a discreet graphics card. Apparently the CPU features list is too long for BOINC, so we need an updated BOINC client and updated server software, which is one reason why I haven't replaced them yet.