10 April 2023

Easter weekend 2023

After a 4 month hiatus we're back to crunching. The main issue was with the weather being hot and I won't use air conditioning. My discounted electricity rate also went from a 21% discount down to 5% and the rates also went up around 20% so I am being frugal with my crunching.

Since I was gone the Pi's have mostly been running, but even they had a break for almost a month. If you want to read about them see Marks Rpi Cluster


Current config
As of writing (10th of April 2023) the farm consists of:
2 x Ryzen 5900X machines
1 x Ampere Altra
4 x Ryzen 3600 with RTX 3060Ti GPUs
and Marks Rpi Cluster.


Future upgrades
Last time I posted I was looking at updating the Ryzen 5900X machines to Ryzen 7900X machines. Since then AMD have released the non-X CPUs which are faster than the 5900X but have a 65 watt TDP (they actually use more). My current thinking is maybe getting the non-X CPU's instead, but it still needs a new motherboard for the AM5 socket and DDR5 memory which isn't cheap.

Nvidia released their 4000 series of GPU's which are disappointing. Apart from using much more power the pricing is also somewhat higher so I will probably skip this entire generation of GPU's and see what comes next.