23 December 2018

23rd of December 2018

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein O1OD1 work overnight

Nvidia GPUs

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

I had a couple of weeks off so things were powered down while I was away. Since returning Sydney had a couple of heavy hail storms that fortunately haven't broken anything for me. The hail storms seem to have cleared the hot weather so I am able to continue crunching for the moment.

I have a couple of little projects to finish off this year. Firstly I need to finish off the Pi Cluster which means I need to buy more Pi3's

The second one is to replace the proxy server which also means buying some more hardware. Its a 4th generation Intel i5 and Intel are currently up to the 9th generation which gives you an idea how old it is. While it doesn't impact the crunching, its running 24/7 so reliability is everything.

There are a number of things on the "to do" list for next year. Technology advances and hardware needs updating. I try to replace the hardware over a couple of years so they don't fall too far behind.