23 November 2008

Astropulse 5.00

As mentioned previously I was running down the cache of Seti so that I could update the machines with the latest optimized app. It went something like this...

As they finished off their old Seti work I have uploaded the results, reported them, shutdown BOINC, updated app_info, removed older apps, put new apps in place, restarted BOINC, allowed new work and told it to update project. Repeat 5 times quickly to cover the entire farm.

The machines have now returned a few results and it shows a good increase. Astropulse 4.35 was taking 20-21 hours to complete a work unit. Astropulse 5.00 is taking 16-17 hours to do the same work. Once again a great effort from the optimizers.

21 November 2008

Some progress

This week the farm has made some progress. I have managed to have it running for 4 days straight, but today was a bit warm so had it shut down during the day. Being the evening and a little cooler its running again. The thermometer on the top of the shelving unit is saying 28 degrees at the moment.

A new version of the Astropulse application was released last weekend, so i'm running the cache down to clear out all the Seti work and will install it on all the machines once they have cleared their current work.

11 November 2008

3 million credits

I hit the 3 million credits for all projects today, only a day later than anticipated. The warmer weather here in Sydney has meant that I have been turning the machines off during the day.

Here is my BOINCstats image.