26 July 2014

26th of July

Welcome back. After a bit of a break we're back crunching.

As I said in my last post everything was off while I was away. Everything powered up just fine, well the half of the farm that I have tried so far. I still haven't powered up the Nvidia GPU machines yet. There were the usual patches to apply, so that took a bit of time and there was a new alpha-test version of BOINC, so I installed that on one machine. No problems so far for the Intel GPU machines.

The Parallella's came up fine and most of the Raspberry Pi's did except one. I did an update on it and then it refused to boot. I had to re-image the SD card with an old backup and then did another update which seems to have fixed it and also gave me the alpha-test BOINC client. So far its behaving.

I will update the Nvidia GPU machines when I get time. At the moment the Intel GPU machines are doing ClimatePrediction work which hogs the computer until its done. They are the EU regional models which are fairly quick by their standards at 44 hours each. Once they are through I will be concentrating on Seti work as I still haven't got the credits up to the other projects yet, only about another 5 million needed. The Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's crunch Einstein work.

As seems to be usual with large files the ClimatePrediction work get stuck uploading so I have had to use the old dial-up to get the stuck files through. That takes a bit of baby-sitting and fiddling with settings.