18 December 2008

Qui Gon returns

I got an email response from ACER today. They advised a combination of things that obviously resets something (unplug it, hold power button for 10 secs, wait 15 mins, plug it back in). Anyway it got the thing going, not too sure what it resets but it worked and now Qui Gon Jinn is off and running again.

The Seti guys have released the CUDA application. So now its official. I will have to sort out the appropiate power adapter cable for the video card pretty soon. I will be installing the CUDA aware version of BOINC on Qui Gon in anticipation of getting the video card working.

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Steve Young, IvyMan said...

Hey, I have that identical graphics card in my PC. Had not heard about the new version of BOINC until just now when I was looking for info on what Astropulse 5.00 is and found your earlier post. I was aware of CUDA a bit. So I updated BOINC and it found my 9800GT and says CUDA and coprocessor, so I guess it's running. There isn't a blindingly obvious change evident looking at stats in these first few minutes.

Very sorry to hear about your father. My sympathy goes out to you.