27 June 2010

27th of June

No milestones reached this week, just the usual crunching.

Seti@Home announces scheduled outages
They have announced that they will have scheduled outages from Tuesday through to Thursday each week, so they can concentrate on the science side of things.

This suggests to me that they have more crunching power than they require. At present I only have one machine doing S@H work so it will spend more time doing other projects. They already have issues supplying enough work to keep it occupied. We will see if this causes much grief. There is certainly much angst in the forums.

Internet throttling
This week I got my 1st throttle warning email from my ISP. Apparently they still had me listed as being on a 50Gb plan, despite my upgrading to the 100Gb plan when it came out over 15 months ago. Seeing I was no longer in a contract period and they now have 130Gb plans which don't count uploads, I switched to it. This should save me from future throttling.

Hardware issues
Maul still reboots from time to time. It seems to last about 3 days at a time. I still haven't managed to work out why. Since installing the newer nvidia 257.21 drivers it seems to be more stable, even though the times when it has rebooted it wasn't even doing any GPU work. Its also the only one running Seti work.

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