13 November 2010

13th of November

None reached. Things have been rather slow as most of the machines are off. What little crunching is taking place is on Einstein and ClimatePrediction as they have longish deadlines.

BOINC testing
We got up to 6.12.6 this week. They made a few changes to job scheduling in 6.12.5 around multi-threaded apps (MT). They have refined it a bit with this latest one. I've got it installed on Maul at the moment. Its working fine, but then I don't run MT apps.

GTX580 released
Well Nvidia released the GTX580. Its got 512 shaders (what the GTX480 was supposed to have) and runs somewhat cooler. They cost $680 (AUD) at the moment, so I won't be buying one anytime soon.

It turned hot this last week, so all the machines have been off during the day, with one or two running overnight.

Last week we had a thunderstorm blowing rain in through the loft window. It was only open 2 inches and its in the roof line (ie it slopes down at 35 degrees) so the rain was blowing up and in. The two computers close to the window were getting water on them before I got the window closed. I then had to shut them all off because of the heat.

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