19 December 2010

19th of December

I hit 30 million for GPUgrid this week. My certificate is below.

Adventure 2800
I finally managed to get an answer out of LucidLogix. The price is very expensive for an expansion board with 11 PCIe slots single-spaced. All the decent graphics cards are double width so that would leave 6 slots usable. I still haven't got a price for the Adventure 2500, which has 4 PCIe slots double-spaced.

It would be more cost-effective to use a 7 slot PCIe motherboard. There are a few different brands of these available for around $400 to $500. I was thinking I might be able to stuff one of these with GT240's and it would make a great Seti cuda cruncher, however I think Nvidia has hobbled the GeForce drivers so you can only have up to 4 cards per machine, to make people buy the Tesla's

Climate Prediction
Well I finally finished off the last 3 work units. One errored out with 8 hours to go (after running for 200+ hours) and the other two managed to complete successfully.

I have downloaded a couple more Famous wu. I also got allocated 6 of the newer eu work units but they all failed to download. It was complaining about being unable to find a file.

Project news - Einstein
They are still only handing out gravity wave data. They ran out of binary pulsar data from Arecibo a couple of weeks ago.

They have managed to secure data from the Parkes observatory which is requiring a bit of development to format so they can use the same binary pulsar programs we currently use.

Project news - Seti
Maul currently has a few hundred multi-beam tasks to get through. Apparently they can't split the data from the "tapes" fast enough to keep up with demand.

They are also doing a general funding drive. They are getting additional data from the Green Bank observatory that will require some development work. There was some mention they might be able to get data from Parkes a while ago.

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