05 June 2011

5th of June

As you can see from the certificate below I managed to pass 35 million for GPUgrid.

BOINC testing
We got 6.12.28 during the week. There us a bug fix where 6.12.27 was corrupting the output files for all work units.

There is also a feature when setting a project to No New Tasks it will report on every upload (rather than last upload). I queried this as it will add overhead to the scheduling servers, but Dr Anderson thinks its minimal impact.

Farm news
Nothing much to report for the farm this week. I have been keeping a couple of the GTX570 machines busy all week, hence the GPUgrid milestone.

Still no work from CPDN at the moment.

Project news - Seti
Their network connection has been maxxed out for the whole week. Downloads keep going into back-off mode and uploads too. They have a 100Mbit link but with 100,000+ computers all trying to connect at the same time. Their problem is being compounded by the fact they are giving out short work units that get processed quickly, which means they are being returned faster and then more work is requested.

For the time being I have set my couple of machines that do Seti work to concentrate on other projects.

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