11 September 2011

11th of September

Nothing new again this week, although getting close to one for Einstein

BOINC testing
6.13.3 was released this week. It is still not stable, so I don't suggest people try it. From reading the change log it looks like they have just about rewritten it from the ground up. I haven't bothered with it yet. Oh and you can upgrade from an earlier version, but you can't go back unless you have a backup of the data directory.

Farm news
As mentioned last week Obi-Wan had a clogged up heatsink. I got the shop to clean it out and reapply thermal paste. They did it on the spot for me and it is now back in action.

While I was at the shop I dropped off both of the faulty GTX460's to arrange warranty repair or replacement.

Project news - CPDN
CPDN has produced another batch of full-res ocean work units and I have picked up 3 on one machine. So I need to leave it going for about 550 hours to finish them off.

Project news - Einstein
They are now up to 10 new Pulsars found in the Parkes data. This goes to show that the southern hemisphere probably has a lot more undiscovered pulsars and other bodies.

Einstein is having problems with the number of users after cuda work. Not only have they had to setup another machine to generate work units because they couldn't keep up, but now their network connection is getting hammered (probably as a result of having more work available). They had a CPU and a GPU version of the app for the Binary Radio Pulsar Search, but are now only giving out work to GPU hosts.

Project news - Seti
They were trying to process some older data, however it has turned out to be un-usable. Various processes that split the data into work units kept crashing, so they have given up on it and are processing newer data. This meant that they didn't have any work available for a while.

There is a newer v7 app in the works for multi-beam searches. The optimised GPU version is already available but the CPU version is not.

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