28 July 2012

28th of July

The farm continues to make steady progress. The GTX670's have been running non-stop on GPUgrid and as of this post have climbed to position 34 on the project rankings by RAC (Recent Average Credit).

Climate Prediction has been issuing lots of work units in the last week. The last time I looked they had 22,000 EU and 9,900 PNW (Pacific North West) regional models available. This is in addition to the 137,000 models that are out being processed at the moment.

I wonder if the plumbing will be able to cope. That is BOINC and the server hardware they have, as they have a history of server issues particularly around data storage. Their work units are large and produce 12 trickles of 7Mb each and a final file that is typically 32Mb for the PNW models.

FPGA blog
Last week I mentioned the blog started by Terry trying to get FPGA support into BOINC and some science apps converted. I sent him a note during the week, which he has quoted here: http://www.fpgaathome.org/2012/07/26/message-to-fpga-manufacturers/

He has started on trying to get the Seti@home multibeam application running (or at least parts of it) on an FPGA. If anyone is interested in helping you can contact him via his blog (leave a comment) or send an email to terrystratoudakis (at) gmail (dot) com

We had a little drama on the project this week. One of the new scientists to join the project issued some rather unusual work units which were all failing. BOINC then starts to reduce the amount of work you can get because your host is returning errors and eventually you get down to being only allowed 1 work unit per day until you return a valid result.

The offending work units were flushed out of the system and corrected ones issued. From reports these new ones take a long time to process. I haven't received any of the corrected ones yet so can't say by how much.

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