26 May 2013

26th of May

A word of warning
Next week Seti@home should be upgrading to the v7 multi-beam application. Its planned for, but then its been in planning for a long time so don't hold your breath, Wednesday US time. If you run the "stock" applications you don't need to do a thing. If however you run optimised applications you will.

I am in the group that runs optimised apps, so I am setting my machines to No New Tasks now so they finish off what they've got. The Cuda multi-beam x41zc app from Jason is "v7-ready" as they say so I don't need to do anything there, but the CPU and OpenCL ones need updating. Next week once things settle down I will look at downloading the latest apps. The guys from Lunatics are hoping to have a windows installer put together, but it won't happen right away.

Some useful links:
Jasons site for CUDA apps
Lunatics site for CPU and OpenCL apps

Project news - Einstein
In other news Einstein have released their BRP5 (Binary Radio Pulsar v5) app to replace the BRP4. The BRP5 work units take approximately 10 times as long as BRP4 and are GPU only. Unfortunately they aren't running the validator yet as they want to check it when it first runs, that should be early next week.

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