30 January 2015

30th of January

Farm news
Weather has been hot so not much running again. The last few days were wet and cooler so I managed to get some of the farm crunching. Overnight I managed to have one of the GPUgrid crunchers processing their "long" work units (they ran out of short ones). I also ran a few CPDN work units (they take 60+ hours).

I have ordered a pair of EVGA GTX970 cards that will go into the GPUgrid crunchers. While my existing GTX670's can still do the work, the work units keep getting bigger and they are taking longer to complete. The new ones should use less power and produce less heat. I will put the old cards up on eBay once they've been swapped out.

Speaking of bigger work units GPUgrid did a special batch of "very long" work units that were expected to take 24 hours on the fastest of cards ("long" work units take 8 to 12 hours). A lot failed at the end because the project forgot to increase the maximum allowed file size. They create 185Mb result files. They have since corrected the file size limit and a number of users did a work around.

Seti App testing
Claggy has managed to get a Seti Multi-beam app compiled for the Raspberry Pi and the Parallella.

In early testing we found that the current 7.28 version would run but failed to validate. He has gone back to an earlier 7.0 version. I have done a couple of normal work units (they take around 66 hours on the Pi) and then I got a vlar (very low angle range) work unit that took 157 hours on the Pi. These at least validate.

The Parallella is faster but I had trouble transferring the program across. It seems the SD card partitions aren't set up as mountable. After posting a message on the Seti forums it seems one has to do the following:

sudo mknod -m 660 mmcblk0 b 179 0 sudo mknod -m 660 mmcblk0p1 b 179 1 sudo mknod -m 660 mmcblk0p2 b 179 2

In a directory of your choosing. Suggested places are /media or /dev. After that one can mount the SD card partitions:

cd /media
sudo mkdir boot
sudo mount mmcblk0p1 /media/boot

One of my Parallella's currently has 2 vlar tasks that have been going for the last 70 hours and think they have another 20 hours left to completion.

A big thankyou goes out to Claggy for the app, which we hope we can optimise once we've found a version that can validate.

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