29 February 2016

29th of February

My once a leap year posting seeing as its the 29th of Feb :-)

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off, although I did have one running overnight

Nvidia GPUs
All off

Parallellas and Pis
All running Seti Beta work

BOINC testing
I mentioned previously that the Pi's haven't been updating their BOINC log files since about October 2015. This seems to have crept into the Debian AMD64 builds as well so I raised Debian bug 815214

Apparently this is caused by Debian changing over to using systemd to start services. There is a work around that is in the Sid and Stretch releases as BOINC 7.6.28. I am waiting for the Raspberry Pi repository to catch up before testing it. I suspect its only a partial fix.

Seti beta testing
As mentioned above the entire Bramble (that's what the Raspberry Pi folks call it when you have more than one) is running Seti Beta work. We have an app that works but we're trying to make it faster. My Pi2's have been taking an average of 27 hours a work unit. The B+ is still working on its one, but will probably come in close to 60 hours and its got a medium overclock (900Mhz).

I also have one of the Parallella's running Seti beta work. They seem to be slower than the Pi2 but only slightly. They all run the same app.

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