07 November 2016

7th of November

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
Half running Seti work overnight

Nvidia GPUs
Two running GPUgrid work overnight

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

SSHD install
I installed the SSHD's into the GPUgrid crunchers. The first one I cloned the original disk without problems. The second one however had secure boot enabled thanks to Microsoft. I ended up resetting the BIOS and having to clean install windows onto it. The windows experience rating for them was unchanged from the original hard disks they replaced (manufactured in 2007), however they are noticeably quicker.

The third SSHD went into a Linux machine and I had to reinstall Linux on it. When I first powered it up the disk caused a short circuit. The metal plate the drive mounts on was in contact with the SATA power cable. After rearranging the drive placement it was off and running.

GPU replacements
There are reports of the EVGA GTX1070 and GTX1080 catching fire. EVGA are correcting the issues with a BIOS update and applying thermal pads around the power circuitry. Just as well I haven't replaced my GTX970's yet.

While I had the GPUgrid machines apart I did try swapping the dual GTX750Ti's into one. Unfortunately it seems the i3-6100T CPU doesn't have enough PCIe lanes and will run one card at x16 speed and the other at x4. I swapped them back with the GTX970.

GPUgrid have started testing a Pascal version of their acemd science app. Initial reports say that it works fine. Its using CUDA version 8 so up-to-date drivers are required.

One configuration that I'm thinking of for the GPU crunchers is to have the i3-6100T machines with a single GTX1060 in each. That would replace the GTX970's that are currently in them.

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