04 June 2017

4th of June

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All running Seti work

Nvidia GPUs
All running Seti work (after running Einstein gravity waves during the week)

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 wotk

Other news
Last weekend the farm was off, except the Raspberry Pis, due to having to attend an out of town wedding. The Ryzens and the storage server were delivered the day prior to the wedding. Unfortunately I didn't have time to configure them before leaving.

The first Ryzen was setup last week and spent the week running different projects before switching to Seti work. The second machine was setup yesterday and is also doing a range of projects. Performance is a bit slower than the Intel i7-5820K's that they replaced. I am considering replacing the Ryzen 1700 with 1700X CPUs (3.4GHz base clock) but have to weigh up the extra power consumption (another 30 watts). I will also need to replace the heatsink but can reuse the AM4 mounting kit. Each Ryzen also has a GTX1060 installed.

The firmware still hasn't caught up with the Ryzens and Linux throws a number of errors when starting up even though I have a 4.9 kernel installed and the latest firmware from ASUS. I expect they will need a few updates before most of the bugs are fixed.

I've got another batch of 14mm copper heatsinks on the way from Enzotech, so I can look at replacing the two Raspberry Pis mentioned in my last blog post. I still need to look at a better case for multiple Pis.

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