09 December 2017

Pi ^4 Case Prototype

Here is a prototype Raspberry Pi case that I designed and had 3D printed. I already have some ideas for further refinement.

Update: Changed the name to save confusion with other products.

Top piece/Top view

Top piece/Front view

Top and bottom/Front view

Top and bottom

Top and bottom/Top view

Top piece with one fan mounted

Top piece with all four fans mounted

Bottom section with 4 Pis and power cables

Powered up and running

1 comment:

Mark G James said...

I was asked how hot the run. Yesterday they were running at 54.2 degrees C while the loft was 29 degrees. That’s the same temperature I get on the ones with the official Pi case modded ones.

The fans are 40mm x 10mm. I am using Noctua ones because they’re reliable and quiet.