04 March 2018

4th of March

Farm status
Intel GPUs
One running. The rest off.

Nvidia GPUs
Two running the rest off

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Einstein O2 gravity wave tuning
Weather goes from hot to cool, so in the cool times almost all the farm runs Einstein gravity wave tuning run work. Their first tuning run for the O2 (Observation run 2) had problems so we’re doing it again. They had to issue new apps and new data files.

I find the Ryzen’s aren’t too good at hyper threading this app so I only run 8 at a time. If I run 16 at a time their run time doubles. The Intel machines however are better so I use all available threads on them.

Other news
I still haven’t got the other 5 i7-8700’s assembled yet, still waiting on my PC assembler to return from holidays.

Another annoying thing is Intel have stopped updating Beignet which provides OpenCL capability to their iGPUs. They apparently had open source drivers (Beignet) and closed sources ones. They have now decided to have one set of open source drivers called Neo. Unfortunately it could take a long time before they become available in Debian repositories.

BOINC testing
BOINC 7.9.2 has made it all the way up to stretch-backports in Debian. Its also available via locutusofborg’s ppa for Ubuntu and of course from the BOINC download all page. This updates a few things and looks like it might have fixed one annoying bug with the Manager Tasks tab. It still has a problem with the event log losing its time format. This version is to support Science United.

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