05 July 2020

5th of July

Farm status
CPU only
Running Rosetta work

Intel GPUs
Running Rosetta work

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Rosetta work

Raspberry Pis
Three running Rosetta. Ten running Einstein work.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster 

We had a couple of pauses in computing since my last update. One due to the weather and the other due to electrical work.

The electricians need to replace network cabling in the walls/roof as its stopped working. The network cable tester thinks about half the wires are broken or disconnected and that was after replacing the sockets. The original cabling was done about 20 years ago and was Cat 5e so it will get updated to Cat 6a in the process.

Repairs and Outstanding work
I had to replace a case fan in one of the Intel GPU machines as it was making a fair bit of noise. The machine next to it is also loud so I need to replace it as well. Its a fairly quick fix but I need to get it to finish off its current work and that takes up to 16 hours.

The second Ryzen 3900X build is still sitting in boxes waiting to be assembled. Given its the weekend I might get time to look at it today, depending on family commitments.

The replacement server motherboard is still waiting to be installed. Its on the bottom of my list at the moment as the existing server is still working even with the memory in the wrong slots.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rosetta@home doesn't have GPU work!
Try Einstein@home (also has Intel GPU support), Milkyway@home, GPUGrid, etc...
Also, OPN1 at WCG (the COVID-19 project) will have GPU support, they are doing some internal testing already.