23 February 2021

23rd of February

Farm status
CPU only
Off most of the last week. Currently running Rosetta.

Intel GPUs

Nvidia GPUs
Off most of last week. Running Einstein (GPU) and Rosetta (CPU) work.

Raspberry Pis
Pi3's running Einstein. Pi4's running Einstein and Rosetta work.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Other news
I'll be off-loading the Intel GPU machines. They're 8th generation CPU's and Intel are currently up to their 10th generation, with the 11th gen coming out later this year. I will wait to see what Intel have to offer when they finally get to a 10 nano meter process node. I'm inclined to just get two more Ryzen 5900X machines to replace the 6 x Core i7's.

Einstein announced today that they have a working ARM64 app for the M1 Apple computers. The Intel apps wouldn't work properly on the M1 Apple hardware so they have ported one of their apps to run as native ARM code.

I have a few computers that have 2.5GbE network capability. Finding a switch that supports it has been difficult, unless one wants to pay extra for 10G ports. I have resorted to buying a QSW-1105-5T (5 x 2.5G) switch from QNAP because the other network companies don't have anything to offer at this speed.

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