03 October 2021

3rd of October

Farm status
CPU only

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Einstein and Milkyway in the morning.

Raspberry Pis
Pi3's running Einstein. Pi4's running Einstein and Rosetta.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Other bits and pieces
Its been warm and we got a hail storm a couple of days ago. No real damage apart from most of the plants losing some of their leaves, but I did have the house buttoned up.

The two RTX 3060 Ti's have been busy with Einstein and Milkyway work. I haven't managed to try GPUgrid as they don't seem to have any work available.

The computer shop I got the two RTX 3060's from has stock available. I think the prices are so high that people aren't buying (except me) but they are still limiting them to one per household.

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