02 March 2024

And we're back. Partially.

Farm status
CPU only
Both Ryzen 5900X machines running Rosetta beta work when its cool enough.

Nvidia GPUs
Have been running Einstein work when its cool enough.

Raspberry Pis

Other news
As you would have gathered most of the farm has been off since the end of last year due to the heat. We've had a few cooler days as we come to the end of summer so I have managed to fire up some of the farm and get going again. For the moment it will be sporadic running as the weather permits.

The Ampere Altra is unable to complete installation of Debian Bookworm so its stuck at the moment. It installs everything up until it runs into trying the Grub bootloader and that fails. I raised a bug with Debian but haven't heard anything from them. Google suggests its something to do with being in UEFI mode, but that doesn't help.

I don't have any new hardware plans at the moment for the farm apart from the Raspberry Pis.

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