19 June 2009

Rearranging the deckchairs

Last weekend I decided to rearrange the loft where the computers lived. Got myself another shelving unit and started putting the machines on it. Switched off Maul until I had everything else plugged in. Uh oh. When I started it up it gave an error about the cpu fan. I switched it off and retried it, same error. Switch it off again and pull the side off the case. Power up and watch the cpu fan. It does half a revolution and stops, another half and stops. The error message comes up again. Switched it off took out the cpu fan. Being a Sunday I couldn't just run out and get another one, besides it was only 3 months old. On Monday took it back to the PC shop and they swapped it over as the machine is still under warranty. I installed it and Maul is now back and running.

The long KVM cables ordered via eBay arrived today. The 4 port KVM I also bought at the same time (from a different seller) is yet to turn up. Not to worry - I ordered a Belkin 8 port KVM and cables anyway as I don't want to run more than one screen and keyboard. Its already arrived at the PC shop so i'll have to drive over there and pick it up on Saturday, as its not exactly small. I will be selling the old KVM and cables on eBay if anyone is interested.

While in the PC shop on Monday I ordered the above Belkin 8 port KVM and also a GTX275 card. I took the spare power supply that I hadn't opened back to the shop and swapped it over for a 700w one (they didn't have any 600w ones in stock).

It looks like back to rearranging the loft once I pickup the bits this weekend.

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