27 June 2009

Projects Down
This week has seen 2 of my 3 projects go down.

Seti with its various issues with database size and sheer number of users. Even now it can't hand out work fast enough to keep up with all the computers around the world. Its up now. Uploads take a long time to get through and there is no work available.

Just to cap things off Einstein's file server crashed a couple of days ago. No word yet on when it will be back, just a simple web page saying they are looking into it. The message boards and all file transfers are gone.

GPUgrid is still working, but I only have a few GPU's so there is only so much work I can download for it. All the machines, except one have run out of CPU work. The one remaining machine will run out of work in about 1 hour.

Other news
I still haven't put the new power supply into Yoda yet and therefore it hasn't got the GTX275 installed either.

Windows update has been giving out Internet Explorer 8, so i've installed it today on all the machines that have been offered it so far (about half of them). I don't install windows updates automatically as it can reboot the machines while they are working.

The new 8 port KVM is working fine, however i'm still waiting on the 25 foot cable to arrive. It will be used to control Maul on the other side of the room. At the moment Maul has an old 15" LCD screen along with a keyboard and mouse.

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