02 August 2009

Its with a bit of sadeness this week. Yoda was sold and has gone off to a new home. The first of the i7's that are replacements for the quaddies has yet to be built by the shop, but they promise that it will be ready by the end of next week.

I'm off for a weeks skiing so the "farm" will be switched off, except for Maul.

Maul overstretched itself last week by requesting too much work. This is caused by the ReSchedule tool swapping work to the cpu, so BOINC then thinks the gpu doesn't have enough and request more. The solution is to set all the projects to No new work (NNW) so that it can finish off what its got. Its been in this mode for the last 3 days.

GPUgrid app
The GPUgrid project (which does medical research) released a new cuda 2.2 application at the end of the week. I've already had one machine lock up and had to abort the work unit in question. Maul, who would be ideal for these work units has been in NNW mode for the last 3 days so it hasn't picked up any new work or the updated application.

Seti Donation
After an on-going discussion over on the Seti message boards about the MySql log files being a point of disk contention we came up with the idea of using Solid State Disks (SSD's). These are of course fast and expensive when compared with a traditional hard disk. I made the offer of getting a couple of them for the project (Intel X25-M). I ordered 2 from a US web site with them shipping directly to the Seti@home project. They are due to be delivered on the 6th of August. Hopefully the project can put them to good use.

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