28 August 2009

Seti 6 million

I hit the 6 million credits for Seti so below is my certificate.

Palit GTX295 grahics cards
The 3 GTX295 cards I ordered arrived. Two have been dropped off at the computer shop to go into the new i7's. The 3rd is going into Kirk. I will be removing the GTX275 that is currently in there. It appears the computer shop forgot to give me the bag of cables for the modular power supply. They used a Y split one to run the existing card, but thats not going to cope with a GTX295.

ATI HD4850 graphics card
The shop have yet to order a power cable for the Corsair modular power supply that is in Maul, so I can't install it either. Apparently its getting ordered next week.

BOINC 6.10.0 testing
The CAL/Brook+ aware version of BOINC came out last week and has been installed on Maul. Its working fine although there are reports of numerous problems with the 64 bit versions. I run the 32 bit version. BOINC 6.10.1 was also released but I haven't tried it.

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