03 September 2009

GTX295 installed in Kirk

Now that the computer shop has given me a couple of power cables for the Seasonic modular power supply in Kirk, I have installed one of the GTX295's. Below is the GPU-Z screenshot of it. GPU-Z 0.3.4 doesn't know some of the details.

It seems to be running a fair bit cooler than the GTX275 that it replaced. This GTX295 is a single circuit board design with a single fan. The GTX275 has dual fans, so I suspect that being a newer card this one may have the 45nm G200 chips.

Two more i7's on the way
The shop has yet to get all the parts to make another two i7's, however they should arrive in the next few days. They still expect to be able to build them next week and have them ready for delivery next weekend.

ATI graphics card
Meanwhile the shop are still waiting for the modular power supply cable for the Corsair power supply in Maul. Once that arrives I might be able to get the ATI card working. I had to buy this as a spare part because I have used up all the PCIe power cables that came with it. Maul has two GTX260's and they use two power cables each.

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