17 October 2009

Another milestone

This week has been fairly quiet.

GPUgrid hits 6 million
I managed to hit 6 million credits on GPUgrid. Below is my certificate.

The donation drive at GPUgrid seems to be stuck on 2% of their target (50,000 euros by the end of this year). While I am the top donor, I am more than happy to lose the title if some company or individual would like to support them.

BOINC versions
Another new version of BOINC came out today with a fair few changes so I will give it a try on one of the machines to see how it goes. The previous version (6.10.13) looks pretty good so far and I don't need the newer features, but some of them would be nice to have. The change history can be found on the forums at GPUgrid, Seti, Milkyway and of course the BOINC message boards.

Return of dud GTX295
I got a Return Authorisation number for the faulty GTX295, so I will have to drop it off with the distributor (Altech) next week.

ATI card settles down
The ATI seems to have settled down with the 8.12 drivers. While not the latest they seem to work with the Milkyway optimised app for CAL/Brook+. It completes a work unit in 65 seconds on my HD4850 card.

Unfortunately due to the policies over on their project it gives a maximum of 48 tasks at a time, making it almost impossible to build a decent cache of work. This means everybody hits the server all the time uploading, reporting and requesting new work.

Overall not a great deal of progress this week as there were a couple of warm days and I had the machines powered off during the day. Today had a cool breeze that kept the temperature down so I could have most of the machines running.

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