31 October 2009

Dorky Nerd

One of the guys posted a link to this test on the Seti@home forums, so in true nerdy fashion I did the test and here is the result. If you want to take the test the link is: http://www.nerdtests.com/ft_nt2.php

BOINC 6.10.17 release
This version became the "official" release version yesterday. I have it running on one machine and all the others are one minor version behind. There wasn't much difference between them.

GTX295 returned
I forgot to mention last week that the faulty GTX295 got returned to the distributor. I'll have to chase them up and see if they are going to give me a replacement soon.

Its 31 degrees in the loft at the moment, so all the number crunchers, except Maul are off. When things cool down overnight I usually fire up one or two of them.

Win 7 upgrades
No news from the shop, so they obviously don't want my money. Not that i'm in a hurry to upgrade the machines. There have been a few reports of work units taking longer to run, particularly on the GPU's after people have upgraded.

Seti SSD's
The guys at Seti have finally plugged in the SSD's I bought. No news yet on how well they are doing and if it has helped alleviate some of their MySQL bottlenecks.

Seti out of work
Seti ran out of work due to the radio telescope (Arecibo) being switched off for maintenance. No work coming from them for a week or two, except some old data the guys have been running through a software radar-blanker. They are prone to interference from radars located near the radio telescope. The data they are software blanking is from 2006, before they had a hardware based solution.

In the mean time I have been concentrating on Einstein as its scores are not very high compared to the other projects I run.

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