20 March 2011

20th of March

I passed 50 million for all projects this weekend. Below is my BOINCstats image.

BOINC testing
We are still on 6.12.18 this week. No major issues. There is some discussion going on about the notices and what people would like to see.

Project news - ClimatePrediction
They finally sorted out their space issues and I have managed (after 2 weeks) to upload the last results for the EU work units that I was running. I have since downloaded another 8 to crunch. I run them 2 at a time and suspend the others.

The Famous experiment they were running has almost finished. They have processed 200,000 work units and will generate a some more to finalise the experiment.

Project news - Seti
They seem to have run out of work this weekend. No major issue if you have a couple of projects running like me.

IE9 is out
I'm running it on one machine. Unfortunately its not available for Windows XP so I probably won't be updating the other machines. Its definately faster than IE8 and probably a bit more secure too.

I was going to try Google Chrome as well and see how it works out. At least it should work under Windows XP.

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